From shy communication to confident socialization

By July 25, 2019Success Story

In a small dilapidated asbestos-roofed house located in the bowels of Al-Maghzi Refugee Camp lives 16-year-old Moamen with his family. Moamen was suffering from psychological and behavioral problems as well as muscle spasms. He was most of the time in a bad mood and he would take it out on his brothers and sisters, according to his mother. His aggressive behavior negatively affected his relationship with his peers and people in his community.

In the first session which was administered before starting the Sports for Smile’ programme, the psychiatrist noticed that Moamen had a communication problem with his surrounding community, and that led him to isolated himself.
He also noticed that he was suffering from extra electric charges, fits of anger and a bad sleep. His bad socialization was the result of the abject poverty his family lived in. Worst, his family members have always been on the rise, with one baby born every year.

The school boy was provided with a group of services in order to improve his psychological wellbeing. During the physical training part, he was provided with auxiliary exercises to help him master the main exercises. The coaches also paid a special attention to his case so as to integrate him in the group, especially as he initially resisted mixing up with his peers.

Moamen was also validated and encouraged during his engagement with the group to boost his self-confidence. Besides he was given leading roles to play during the exercises to teach him the skills of decision-making.
When he received his sports uniform, Moamen felt excited, and as a result, he took the initiative and asked his colleagues to play with him.