MH and medical delegation hosted by GCMHP to support Gaza community

By March 1, 2020Block News, News

An American delegation of 10 medical and mental health professionals visited GCMHP to provide professional services for the Palestinian community.
The delegation consists of a general medical consultant, an oncologist, an educational counsellor, a psychiatrist, a pelvic floor specialist, a palliative care consultant, an advanced life support instructor, and other specialists in MH psychosocial support.
The delegation has been arranged to be working in tandem with community based organisations and hospitals as well as health care centres to serve the community.
Besides their professional roles, the delegation members have another message to relay: that the people of Gaza are not alone and that there are many people around the world who understand their suffering and are welling to reach out to them to offer support.
GCMHP has been arranging for the visits of such delegations almost annually since 1993 as part of its mental health and human rights activities.
On the other hand, the delegation members expressed their pleasure to be sharing their experiences with the Palestinian professionals. They have also talked about how important it is for them to get to know the special context of Gaza and how the people are coping with the continuous state of conflict uncertainty.