GCMHP holds a series of courses on First Aid and CPR

By January 18, 2019News

In collaboration with Hayat Centre for Emergency and Crisis Management, the Training and Research Unit has recently held training courses on First Aid and CPR. 40 participants attended from the programme including staff members, workers, and students of the High Diploma in Mental Health. The trainers were a group of doctors from the Hayat Centre and the courses were held in the training hall of the main office of GCMHP.


These one-day courses aimed at introducing participants to the concept of First Aid and it included a number of topics like burns, bleeding, broken bones, sun stroke, bites, stings, poisoning, drowning, electrocution, and CPR.


Two more courses will be held as part of this series in the coming weeks for another number of staff members and workers from the programme.


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

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