A Delegation from Quakers in Norway visits the GCMHP

By February 28, 2019News

Mr. Roger Cassidy, the chairman of the Board of Directors at the organization, and Ms. Marianne Skudal, member of the BoD, and Ms. Anne Britt Stoemnes , Projects Officer at the organization. The delegation met with Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, General Director of GCMHP, and a number of the directors of the community centres and the units and professionals in the programme. This visit also included a field tour to follow up on the updates of the project: ‘Safe Spaces to Learn and Play for Refugee Children in the Gaza Strip,’ implemented by GCMHP in collaboration with the Palestinian Early Childhood in its kindergartens. A meeting was also held to discuss the project and the coming second round of the project for the years 2020-2022.

Dr. Abu Jamei welcomed the delegation at the Gaza Community Centre and accompanied them on a tour inside the centre showing them the different units and sections, explaining the different services and treatment interventions that the programme offers to the different individuals and groups in the Palestinian Community in Gaza.

Dr. Abu Jamei explained the psychological and social situation of the people in the Gaza Strip and how they are affected by the political, economic and social circumstances in the Strip.