A Delegation from the oPt Humanitarian Fund visits the GCMHP

By February 28, 2019News

As part of the project:’ Enhancing Protection through providing Specialised Mental Health Services and Psychological Support to Children and Adults in Marginalised areas in Gaza’, a delegation from the oPt Humanitarian Fund has visited Gaza Community Mental Health Programme headed by Mr. Saad Abdel Haq, the head of Funding, and with Mr. Said AlMadhoun, coordinator of the Protection Cluster of the UN. Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, General Director of GCMHP met with the delegation along with a number of doctors and heads of units and departments at the programme as well as the professional team that work in this project. This visit aims at following up with the updates and developments, as well as discussing and finding ways to deal with the challenges that the workers in this project face.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Abu Jamei welcomed the visiting delegation. He also talked about the current psychological situation that the people in Gaza are living through and how that is related to the political, economic, and social conditions in the Gaza Strip. He also talked about the impact of the long siege that has been imposed on Gaza and the psychological consequences of it on children and adults.

Mr. Qusai Abu Owda, Head of the Projects and Fundraising Department, provided an overview of the project and what it has achieved so far. He noted that the coordination and referral system between GCMHP and the Child Protection Cluster allows the programme to reach cases who need specialized psychological intervention.

During the visit, the delegation interviewed three cases who have benefited from the services of the project in order to identify the level of impact the intervention of this project has had on its beneficiaries in general and marginalized target groups in specific. The delegation conducted a tour inside the Gaza Community Centre in order to recognize the services GCMHP provides for the Palestinian society.

In the end, the delegation thanked GCMHP for its leading role in providing high quality mental health services for marginalized individuals in the Gaza Strip.


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