GCMHP Concludes Two Training Courses in ‘First Aid- Advanced’ and ‘Mental Health and Selfcare’

By March 27, 2019News

The Training and Research Unit has recently concluded two training courses which were conducted in cooperation with the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) as part of the Sports for Smiles project. The first course was titled ‘First Aid- Advanced Training’ in which 21 football and volleyball coaches participated from four clubs in the Gaza Strip: Almaghazi Services Club, Beit Hanoun Youth Club, The Palestinian Red Crescent Club in Khanyounis, AlHilal Sport Club in Gaza. The concluding session was attended by Mr. Mohannad Alsalhi, project coordinator and Ms. Hanaa Altarhouni from GCMHP, and Ms. Noura Ashour, project coordinator at GIZ And Mr. Salem Abu Alkheir, trainer at the Palestinian Red Crescent.

The course was conducted over five days consisting of 21 training hours and it included a number of subjects such as: ways to provide the service and ways to communicate with emergency services in times of crises, cases which require first aid services, introducing first aid services and the responsibilities of first aid respondent, properly evaluating patients theoretically and practically by learning examination methods that make sure the person is alive, problems with the respiratory system and ways to deal with them and problems with the cardio system. In addition, a definition of the shock was discussed with ways to deal with it. Fainting, cramps, cuts and bleeding, internal bleeding, were discussed and practical training was given on ways to deal with them. Spine injures and how to identify them were also discussed. Poisoning symptoms and ways to deal with it were also viewed. In addition, ways to identify critical diabetes cases and how to deal with them properly in addition to pain in the abdomen and the dangers of neglecting them were viewed. The course also talked about proper ways to evacuate in cases of emergency and disasters and ways to properly transport injuries.

The second course was concluded in cooperation with the Unit of Mental Health at Alshifa Hospital focusing on the subject of ‘Mental Health and Selfcare’. 24 mental health specialists who work at the unit participated in this course which was led by a number of the professionals at GCMHP. The course lasted three days consisting of 9 training hours and included a number of important subjects such as: most common psychological disorders for adults, detection and referral mechanisms, stress management and selfcare.

At the end, certificates and training materials were given to the participants in both courses.

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