GCMHP Holds its Annual General Assembly Meeting

By April 30, 2019News

On the 27th April 2019, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme held its annual meeting of the General Assembly. Members of the Board of Directors attended, headed by the Chairman, Dr. Mohammed Abu Shahla. In addition, Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, General Director of GCMHP, heads of departments, units and community centres attended the meeting with the presence of Mr. Hani Dalloul and Mr. Alaa Mourtaja, representatives of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza.

Dr. Abu Shahla opened the meeting by welcoming all of the attendees and thanked the donors’ consortium and the administration and staff of GCMHP for all of their efforts to advance the work of the programme. He also highlighted some of the most important achievements of the Board of Directors as well as the challenges they faced and overcame including finishing the strategic plan 2019-2021, concluding the second phase to build the new main office, and a number of research achievements.

In addition, Dr. Abu Jamei, presented the administrative annual report which highlighted the activities of the programme framed by the strategic goals which they set out to achieve. These activities include working with children and victims of Human Rights violations, research, capacity building, and advocacy. He pointed out the main achievements and successes of the programme in 2018.

After that, Mr. Issa AlNahhal, Treasurer of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Yousif Alghazali, Head of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department, presented the annual financial report of 2018 which included the independent audit made by PricweaterhouseCoopers (pwc).

The General Assembly gave some comments, posed some questions, and remarks on the two reports and Dr. Abu Jamei, Mr. AlNahhal, and Mr. Alghazali answered their enquiries.

At the end of the session, the General Assembly unanimously approved the two reports and agreed on choosing Talal Abu Ghazala as the independent auditor for the current year.

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