Human Rights and MH training for Ministry of Interior staff members

By July 2, 2019News

GCMHP Department of Training and Scientific Research provided staff members from the Ministry of Interior with a training course on Human Rights and mental health.

The training which was finalized on 30 June, 2019, was designed to sensitize the trainees to their own potential for contributing to human rights violations, though unwittingly. It also raised their awareness about how to deal with the public cases in a way that guarantees their dignity and rights.

The people targeted in the training are involved in law enforcement, and therefore it is crucial that they understand the concept of human rights and the proper practices so as to positively change their attitudes and behaviours.

Explaining why the training combined human rights with mental health, the head of training and scientific research department, Rawia Hamam said: “The training included basic knowledge about mental health and how to provide Psychological First Aids for people who are in distress. Calming down distressed people and making sure they are in a safe environment is at the core of human rights.”