Children say goodbye to summer camp after four weeks of fun, excitement and learning

By July 25, 2019News

Children say goodbye to summer camp after Four weeks of fun, excitement and learning
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has finalized yesterday the ‘Summer Fun Weeks’ camp in cooperation with the German Development Agency (GIZ).
The summer camp lasted for 4 weeks, during which time 300 children have enjoyed a wide variety of sports, cooking, arts and entertainment activities.
These activities were designed to promote self-confidence in the children and provide them with social and communication skills.
The various activities were also meant to spot the different talents of the children and develop them.
More to the point, there were some cultural and educational activities such as the beehive show, in which more than 20 children in bee costumes simulated the different roles of the bees. Besides, the children had the opportunity to learn about desert life through the ‘Bedouin Village’ activity. The setting, during this activity, was prepared to include folklore Bedouin tents, open fire and camels.
The ‘Summer Fun Weeks’ camp was supervised and facilitated by 45 animators and field supervisors.