Psychological needs for children and caregivers

By August 1, 2019News

“You can’t give what you don’t have”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has concluded a training course on the ” Psychological needs for children and caregivers”,
based on the concept that understanding the psychological needs of both caregivers and their charges is a bedrock for ensuring the wellbeing of the children.

The training, conducted by Mental Health specialists, targeted 23 nursery caregivers from the Palestinian Early Childhood Education Programme.

The participants had the opportunity to reflect on their needs as caregivers and explore self-care techniques. They also shared their experiences and the challenges they went through as caregivers and what approaches they found helpful to overcome these challenges.

They also practiced a set of self-care techniques and were introduced to the different forms of violence and abuse and their impact on children. Besides, they leaned drawing analysis, the concept of professional burnout, stress management and mind body skills.