Brainstorming session to develop scientific research methodology in psychodrama

By September 30, 2019News

GCMHP held a brainstorming session to discuss the process of conducting scientific research in children psychodrama.

The main point of the discussion focused on how to include children from different community contexts and from different age groups in a study.

The meeting was attended by two international psychodrama experts: Dr Stefan Flegelskamp and Ms Milina Mutafchieva, and a group of professionals and mangers from GCMHP, including Rawya Hamam, director of Training and Research Department; Dr Marwan Diab, head of Scientific Research Unit; Ms Inas Juda, head of Training and Capacity Building Unit; Dr Imad Abed, director of Deir El-Balah community centre; Sali Saleh, research assistant; and psychologist Bushra Abu Leila .

During the meeting, the attendees discussed scientific research methodologies and techniques used in the field of children psychodrama. In addition, they reflected on the mechanisms used in administering the psychodrama sessions on children from different contexts and with varying ages.