GCMHP opens a workshop entitled: “supervision in the field of children’s psychodrama”

By October 1, 2019Block News, News

As a continuation of a series of workshops on supervision in the field of children’s psychodrama, which began its first workshop in October 2017, the Department of Training and Scientific Research in Gaza Mental Health Program held the third workshop on supervision on Sunday, 29 September 2019, in the presence of Ms. Rawia Hamam the Director of the Department, Inas Jouda Head of Training and Capacity Building Unit and International Experts in the field of Children Psychodrama Mr. Stefan Vlekskamp and Prof. Milinia Mutavicheva who welcomed the participants in this workshop from professionals working in the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and professionals from several local institutions (Ministry of Education, Culture and Free Thought Association, Aisha Association for the Protection of Women and Children, Medical Relief and Islamic Relief).
The workshop will be held in the Training and Scientific Research Hall of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program and will last for five days, for a total of 25 training hours.
The workshop topics included: Supervising sessions to discuss the challenges faced by psychodrama therapists while implementing psychodrama sessions with groups of children from different institutions such as schools, treatment centers and community institutions working in the field of childhood, EBTS, a therapeutic intervention program for trauma children and parents in refugee camps in Europe, was also presented. In which the program aims to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children and increase the flexibility and psychological efficiency of children. Space has also been devoted to the importance of research on children’s psychodrama, especially as research on children’s psychodrama is still rare. In addition to showing the most important tools used in measuring the effectiveness of children’s psychodrama.