Training and Scientific Research Department concludes a training course entitled: “Training of trainers in gender”

By October 29, 2019News

The Training and Scientific Research Department of Gaza Mental Health Programme concluded on Tuesday, 29 October 2019 a training course entitled “Training of Trainers in Gender”, with the participation of 13 professionals working in the programme, where the session was concluded by Ms. Inas Jouda, Head of Training Unit Capacity building in the presence of the trainer Amal Siam, who welcomed the participants in the training and commended their commitment to attend the training and hoped that they have benefited from this training at the professional level, which aims to acquire knowledge in training skills on the concept of gender and the ability to prepare and evaluate training material appropriate to the concept of gender.

She wished the participants to apply what they learned during the training and benefit from it at the work level, and thanked the trainer Siam. Also, the professionals stressed that this training added to them an excellent experience and wonderful experience and thanked the trainers and trainees in the programme.

The four-day course and a total of 20 training hours began on Thursday, September 12, 2019.
At the end of the training, certificates of appreciation were delivered to the professionals.