International researchers leave Gaza with new experience about MH in Gaza Context

By November 4, 2019Block News, News

Having participated in GCMHP’s 7th international conference, ‘Mental Health without Borders’, overseas researchers left Gaza on Monday 4th November, carrying with them a new experience about mental health issues in a conflict-ridden context.

During the conference the overseas researchers, coming from the United States of America, Canada, Sweden and Italy presented scientific papers about mental health in their own context or in countries where they have been working.

The conference was held over two consecutive days, the 2nd and 3rd of November, 2019, at Al Mashtal Hotel, northwestern Gaza City.

Besides, two sessions in the West Bank and Boston were linked with Gaza during the conference.

More than 50 researchers from local universities, ministries and NGOs participated in the conference which was attended by 700 people working in MH and psychosocial support.

A variety of topics, including suicide, depression, PTSD as well as many other MH issues ensued by the conflict context and the economic and political instability were presented through scientific papers. These topics were presented in three separate halls simultaneously, and the audience chose between these sessions based on their interests.

At the end of the conference, GCMHP organized a social event to mark the conclusion of its 7th International conference. The event was attended by GCMHP staff members, the international researchers, the BODs and the General assembly of the Programme.

Before their departure, the international researchers had a tour in Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Head Quarter, and were introduced to the services provided to the community.

“I am so touched by all of your hard work,” said Mary Neznek one of the researchers who attended the conference. “It was such a memorable and meaningful conference,” she added.

Brian Barbar, another researcher from the States, expressed his deepest thanks to GCMHP staff members for “the great work you have been doing” to help the vulnerable.

Almost every three years, GCMHP arranges an international conference that creates a professional and scientific platform for local and international practitioners and researchers to share their experiences and to cast light on the latest developments related to MH and human rights.