GIZ and GCMHP discuss mental health situation and psycho-social interventions in Gaza

By November 20, 2019Block News, News

A delegation from the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) visited Gaza Community Mental Health Program to know more about the current mental health situation in the Gaza Strip. The delegation was presided by Mr. Joachim Bonin the GIZ/SSP program manager and included Ms. Claire Aanes, new program manager for SSP, and Ms. Katja Fuehrer the development advisor of SSP in addition to a group of GIZ staff members in Gaza and West Bank. The meeting was attended also by GCMHP Director General, Dr Yasser Abu Jamie, and some heads of Departments and units.

At the outset of the session, Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of the Programme, gave a summary of the hard political, economic and social situations and its consequences on the mental health of Gaza population. The delegation also inquired about the work of the programme and its mandate for providing psychosocial intervention for affected people and victims of human rights violations.

Dr. Abu Jamei, also gave a summary about the GCMHP plans in the near future and also the reality of fund challenges, and thanked the GIZ and other donors for their support.

Regarding the emergency response plan, Mr. Qusai Abuodah, Director of External Relations and Resource Development Department, explained that the Programme started its crisis response intervention in May 2018 and it is still providing its outreach and therapeutic interventions for affected people including women and children. “The crisis project funded by GIZ was a very important contribution to enhancing the GCMHP capacity to meet the current huge mental health needs in the community”, Abu Odah explained.

In conclusion, GCMHP thanked the GIZ delegation for their visit and welcomed their cooperation in providing mental health and psycho-social support for the Palestinian society.
Before their departure, the delegation had a tour in Gaza Community Center at the GCMHP Headquarter and was introduced to the services provided there.