GCMHP & NRC continue providing parental psychoeducation sessions

By November 27, 2019News


GCMHP has conducted last week and earlier this week  psychoeducation meetings at three schools in Rafah Town, southern the Gaza Strip.

These meetings are among a group of planned parental psychoeducation sessions that GCMHP is conducting across the Gaza Strip in parallel with the Norwegian Refugee Council’s ‘Better Learning Programme’, which targets children with traumatic experiences.

Psychoeducation sessions are provided to parents with the purpose of helping them help their children who receive the psychosocial intervention.

During the sessions, parents learn basic information about the meaning and the effects of trauma, and how to deal with their traumatized children and provide them with support during their reception of the services.

Better Learning Programme started in August 1, 2019 and will be concluded November 30,19.