GCMHP campaigning and activities in support of women continue

By December 11, 2019News

As part of its participation in ‘16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence’, GCMHP has held a public meeting to sensitize the community about the importance of ending violence against women.

The meeting, held at Fares Al-Arab Society, was attended by 30 fresh graduates from different local universities.

The awareness session was conducted by GCMHP psychologist, Ms Ayda Kasaab, who explained the causes and effects of violence against women and how it negatively affect the psychological wellbeing of the whole family, and therefore the whole community.

She also focused on how violence against women is rooted in discrimination and inequality, explaining that, “unless people question gender roles, attitudes and beliefs, they cannot change them.”

“Women need first to understand their rights, otherwise they cannot claim them. Men and everybody in the society also need to be aware of women’s rights so as to be part of the change,” Ayda said.