GCMHP Provides training in substance-induced disorders

By December 16, 2019Block News, News


GCMHP department of Training and Scientific Research has completed on Monday, 23 December, 2019 the second training phase in ‘substance-induced psychological disorders’ with the participation of 10 psychiatrists and psychologists working in Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).


The training has been arranged and conducted in collaboration between GCMHP and MSF, with the aim of building the capacities of specialists who work in the Palestinian contest and provide services for people with psychological disorders resulting form the addiction problem, which has increased in recent years due to the political and economic problems.


The two day intensive training included a presentation about the most common narcotic drugs and their effects and how to detect individuals with addiction problems based on the mh-GAP Guid.


The participants implemented practical trainings after viewing videos related to the training topics.

The second day of the training included an in-depth explanation of the tools used in treating the addiction cases. Besides, the importance of the role of psychosocial support has been underlined as one of the effective tools used to help addicts and also as a tool to prevent addiction.