In cooperation with the Ahli Arab Hospital, GCMHP concludes a training course entitled ” Psychological Disorders for Children – Detection and Referral”

By December 16, 2019Block News

On Monday, December 23, 2019, the Training and Scientific Research Department of Gaza Community Mental Health Program concluded the second training course entitled “Psychological Disorders for Children – Detection and Referral”, with the participation of 5 participants from different specialties (public health and psychosocial specialties) working in the Ahli Arab Hospital, at the hospital’s library hall. The training which started on Monday, December 16, 2019, for a total of 12 training hours was conducted by Dr. Iman Hijo from Khan Yunis Community Center.

The course aimed to provide participants with information about children’s enuresis, autistic disorder and how to diagnose and deal with them, distraction and hyperactivity disorders, mental delay,  children’s habits disorders such as finger sucking, mood disorder (depression) and anxiety disorders in children such as generalized anxiety disorder, separation disorder, panic disorder and Social phobia, its causes and how to avoid its symptoms and how to be diagnosed and treated. In addition to Obsessive-compulsive disorder and psychotic disorders in children, post-traumatic stress disorder and its types, speech disorders in children to present and discuss cases and mechanisms of referral.

The first session for the same category, entitled “Training Manual for Working with Children CABAC”, was held from 5-10 December 2019, with a total of 13 training hours which was delivered by Ms. Bushra Abu Leila, a psychologist from the program’s Deir Al-Balah Community Center.

The course included training on different activities to warm up and play with children, and train participants on how to deal with the challenges they face in their own situations and its reflection on children through the paper plane exercise and the gaze, and revitalize childhood memory with our most important wishes, our role model and childhood games, psychological debriefing exercises for children to deal with different feelings such as Joy, sadness, fear, and anger, through writing, drawing, drawing the story, and using symbolic drawings to encourage participants to express these feelings.