GCMHP launches second phase of ‘Sports for Smile’ Project

By December 17, 2019News

In collaboration with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), GCMHP has commenced the second phase of ‘Sports for Smile’ project, which is designed to promote children’s and adolescents’ interpersonal relationships and to enable them to better cope with the challenges they face in their social context through psychological support, and sports and entertainment activities.

The programme aims at building the capacities of 20 male and female sports coaches through providing them with training in psychosocial support and integrating people with disabilities.

The coaches will implement sports and entertainment activities for 500 male and female children, in 12-17 age group, from across the Gaza Strip.

Children with disabilities are also included in the target group.

GCMHP has signed partnership agreements with 4 clubs to implement the project activities. These clubs are: Al-Ahli Sports Club of Beit Hanoun; Al-Hilah Club of Gaza; Al-Maghazi Services Club; and ; Al-Hilah Club of Khan Younis.

In addition, a meeting with the clubs’ representatives was held at GCMHP headquarters to discuss the starting stage of the project and the work plan as well as the implementation process. The criteria of choosing the children was also discussed and the needs and requirements of the project.