Saturday kicks off first in series of new project public meetings

By February 2, 2020Block News

In partnership with Trocaire, GCMHP has held today, Feb 2, 2020, the first public awareness meeting in Deir Al-Balah Town, middle the Gaza Strip.

More than 20 people, mostly women, from the local community attended the meeting which was about violence and its different types.

The attendees, who completed pre-questionnaire to measure the level of their awareness before the session and then compare it with that they have gained the session, were introduced to types of violence and how they affect the wellbeing of the family and the community as a whole.

Mr Yehya Herbawi, a GCMHP psychologist started the meeting with a question to the attendees. “what is the difference between being accidently hit and being hit on purpose? Which case is considered violence?”

The meeting aimed at changing misconceptions about using violence as a means of solving problems and explaining to the audience the value of leading a life without violence.

This meeting is one of a series of meetings that are scheduled to be implemented in different areas across the Gaza Strip as part of project “Enhancing the awareness and Access to Reliable Mental Health and Counselling Services for Women and Children in the Gaza Strip”.

The project starts from the second of January to the 31st of December, 2020.