GCMHP provides training on “Child’s Mental Health”

By February 18, 2020News

Gaza Community Mental Health Program started on Sunday, February 16, 2020, a training course on “Child’s Mental Health”, with the participation of 20 caregivers working in 13 kindergartens affiliated with private institutions.

A group of specialists working at GCMHP also participated in this training programme which comes as part of project “Supportive Environment for a Better Future”, which aims at integrating mental health care into early childhood.

During the opening session of the training programme, the attendees were oriented about the services provided by GCMHP. In addition, the topics of the training course were explored.

The training aims to provide the participants with skills and information about the stages of normal growth and development in children, the most common psychological disorders among children, violence and various attacks on children and their implications.

The course also aims to provide participants with intervention techniques, skills for analyzing children’s drawings, and other practical applications.

The course, which consists of 25 hours, continues for a period of 5 days, and is concluded on February 20, 2020.