GCMHP provides PFA training for MoH paramedics

By March 9, 2020News

GCMHP’s department of Training and Scientific Research has concluded the last training course in a series of PFA trainings that targeted paramedics and social workers and case managers from community-based organisations.

The latest of these courses was provided for MoH paramedics, whose number was 35, as they work in environments where they deal with people in distress.

Each training course consisted of 30 training hours and was conducted over five training days.

The closure of the training course was marked by Ms Rawya Hamam, head of Training and Scientific Reseach Department; Mr Qusai Abu Odei, External Relations and Resources Manager; Ms Inas Jouda, head of Capacity Building Unit; and Aisha Basyouni, Project Coordinator. Mr Hani Al-Jafarawi, Head of Emergency Medical Services at the Ministry of Health also participated in the ceremony, during which the participants were thanked and validated for their commitment and engagement in the PFA training which should provide them with the skills to deal with people from their work context.

The training focused on topics from the MhGAP manual, the second edition, with the purpose of providing the participants with the manual’s main pivots and equipping them with practical skills regarding psychological disorders, addiction and irritability as well as Psychological First Aids, stress management and self-care.

The trainings come as part of “Provision of Mental Health and Psycho-Social Services to Women, Men, Boys and Girls Affected by Violence in the context of demonstrations at the perimeter fence of Gaza Strip,” a project which is funded by OCHA oPt. The project runs from June 2019 to May 2020.