Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) is a non-profit civil organisation which was established in 1990. Working in the fields of Mental Health and Human Rights, we strive to improve the Palestinian community’s mental health through providing clinical, social, research and training services in addition to gathering support and advocating for the rights of women, children, and victims of violence and human rights violations.

In recognition of GCMHP’s ongoing work for nearly three decades, the Programme and its founder, the late Dr. Eyad El Sarraj, were awarded many prestigious international awards in the fields of Mental Health and Human Rights.

GCMHP works within strategic plans which are developed on a regular basis according to the needs of the community.

We believe in the values of integrity, transparency, social responsibility, good governance and respect for human rights.

The Programme has an executive administration which implements action plans and is held accountable before the Board of Directors. The latter is part of the General Assembly of the programme which consists of thirty five members from various professional and social backgrounds.


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme is a leading organisation in the fields of mental health and human rights in Palestine.



Guided by the principles of justice and human rights, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme provides inclusive, integrated, and specialised community mental health services in Palestine.

STRATEGIC GOAL 1. Contribute to improving the mental health situation of the population in The Gaza Strip.

STRATEGIC GOAL 2. Support the capacity of professionals and other actors to provide appropriate focused care.

STRATEGIC GOAL 3. Strengthen GCMHP’s leadership role through implementing model procedures, protocols, and research.

1   Underlying core principles and values

Human Rights, Equity and Gender

Respect for human rights, providing mental health support to victims of human rights violations, advocating the right to mental health. Enhancing equal access – for women and men, boys and girls – across The Gaza Strip so that all people’s mental health needs are met.

Social responsibility

Equitable access to mental health services through accessing networks and awareness materials, encouraging referral for those in need of mental health support. A special emphasis is placed on reaching out to the most vulnerable including persons living with a disability or suffering from high levels of trauma. A flexible response approach ensuring marginalised groups, areas impacted by new eruptions of violence, or emerging and urgent needs can be responded to.

Ethics and Do No Harm

Commitment to professional ethics and respect for the privacy of the target groups under the care of GCMHP. Case files are kept strictly confidential and not disclosed without the consent of the client (patient) and/or family. Being mindful that actions and services respond to assessed needs, and placing physical, social, emotional, and mental wellbeing at the centre of the care provided.

Independence and non-political affiliation

GCMHP is a non-political, independent organisation. It is not influenced by political parties or ideologies. Mental health care is provided solely on the basis of need, without discrimination or preference.

2    Strategic organisational values

Good governance

Committed to organisational efficiency, building on available resources and capacities of the organisation. Optimum use of its available resources to provide effective services delivery. Accountability to the financial supporters, donor agencies, and communities it serves.


A professional, credible, and reputable organisation delivering its services based on international standards and evidence-based research. Multi-layered and integrated services and support are provided and are tailored to the needs of the persons requiring support.

Dr. Mohammed Abdo Hasan Abu-Shahla


General and Vascular Surgery Specialist, Former Director General at the Ministry of Health, and Former Director of the European Gaza Hospital.

Mr. Abdel Nasser Rajab Ahmed Al Sarraj


United Nations Consultant.

Sawsan Hilmi Ali Hammad


Head of Women's Health Unit at the Ministry of Health, Family Medicine Consultant, Certified trainer from the Board of Family Medicine, Head of the Committee for Fighting Violence Against Women, Head of the Committee of Early Breast Cancer Detection, Member of the Committee of Maternal Mortalities.

Dr. Mona Yousef Mahmoud Al Kaskeen


Neurosurgeon at Al-Shifa Hospital. Holds a Diploma in Mental Health.

Dr. Maged Awni Mohammed Abu-Ramadan

Vice Chairman

Senior Consultant in Ophthalmology, Head of Coastal Municipalities Water Authority, and Head of Gaza city Municipality.

Mr. Issa Mohammed Said Al Nahhal


Head of the Projects Unit at the Ministry of Health.
Holds a Master degree in Public Health from the University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Dr. Samir Ramadan Ibrahim Qouta


Professor in the Psychology Department at the Islamic University of Gaza

Maha Ali Abdel Rahman Al-Taweel


Principal of Al-Karama School, East of Gaza

Dr. Basel Syyad Abdel-Latef Baker


Consultant and Head of Neurosurgery Department at Al-Shifa Hospital

Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei

General Director

Yasser Abujamei is a psychiatrist with training from The University of Birmingham, UK; the Free University-Berlin, Germany; the Islamic University of Gaza; the Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania; and the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Association, Israel. Abujamei was a member of the Task Force that developed the Palestinian National Mental Health Strategy for 2015-2019. His work focuses on advocacy and policy change, integrating mental health and human rights, resilience, surviving torture and post-graduate mental health education.
He has been with the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme since 2004 playing different supervisory, clinical and research roles. He assumed the leadership of the institution in 2014 and continues to serve as the general director overseeing the general operations of the programme in providing world-class mental health care with the limited resources available.

Dr. Taysir Diab

Deputy Director of Professional Affairs

Dr. Sami Eweida

Director of the Gaza Community Centre

Dr. Imad Abed

Director of the Deir Al Balah Community Centre

Dr. Abed has A Bachelor of Medicine, a High Diploma in Mental Health, and Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Nimer Abu Zarqa

Director of the Khanyounis Community Centre

Dr. Abu Zarqa is a Psychiatrist and a Consultant in Forensic Psychiatry. He studied at King's College London and did a Diploma in Psychiatric Practice at Ain Shams University. He also studied at the Sackler Faculty at the University of Tel Aviv. And he has a diploma in Clinical Supervision from the University of Berlin.

Ms. Rawya Hammam

Director of the Training and Research Department

Ms. Hamam graduated from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Bethlehem. Later, she obtained a diploma in Community Mental Health from GCMHP in partnership with the Islamic University of Gaza. She also has a diploma in Clinical Supervision and Child Psychodrama. She has worked in prestigious institutions before joining the GCMHP team.

Dr. Zyad Awad

Head of Academic and Professional Programmes Unit

Dr. Awad has a PhD in Sociology from the Neelain University in Khartoum, Sudan.

Ms. Inas Jouda

Head of the Training Unit

Ms. Jouda has a BA in Nursing and a Diploma in Community Mental Health.

Dr. Marwan Diab

Head of the Research Unit

Dr. Diab received his PhD in Psychology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tampere in Finland. He did a Rehabilitation Services Diploma as part of a joint program with Mount Royal College in Canada. Then, he worked in the field of rehabilitation at the Society for the Care of Handicapped People from 1989-1990. Dr. Diab received his bachelor’s degree in Community Rehabilitation from the University of Calgary in Canada. After graduation, he worked as a rehabilitation worker in various organizations in Canada. Further, he studied a diploma in Management in Canada. Upon his return to Palestine, he graduated from the Postgraduate Diploma in Community Mental Health offered jointly by Islamic University and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP).

Mr. Qusai Amin Abuodah

Head of Projects and Fundraising Unit

Mr. Abuodeh holds MBA and BS.c degree in economics and administrative sciences. He is a result oriented leader, initiative, creator and innovation based personality of strong entrepreneurship traits.

Ms. Rana Ayyad

Head of the Administrative Affairs and HR Unit

Mr. Yousef Al Ghazali

Director of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

Mr. Al Ghazali has a long experience in Finance Management. He has been a member of the GCMHP team for over 28 years. He holds an MA in Accounting from the University of Ain Shams and an MBA from the City University of London. He is also a licensed management accountant and management consultant.


Head of the Public Relations Unit