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“Educational Meeting: Covid-19 Psychological Impact on Children”

To promote readiness in crisis situation, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has held an educational meeting on the psychological impact of coronavirus pandemic on children and parents and the mechanisms of easing this impact.


This meeting comes as part of the activities that Hayat Centre organize to promote readiness in emergency situations and to enable the society to deal with the pandemic outbreak.  


The meeting was attended by Dr Sami Oweida, director of GCMHP Gaza Community Centre, Dr Basem Naim, director of Hayat Centre, as well as a host of psychiatrists 


The meeting aimed at educating the society, especially the parents on the negative psychological effect of the emergency situation of Covid-19, and teaching them techniques that should help them reducing this effect.


Dr Naim emphasized the importance of the cooperation between Hayat Centre and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, referring that Hayat initiated several events to enable the community face Covid-19.


Dr Oweida, also made a presentation about the last statistics of Covid-19 impact on the different social sectors, especially children and women. In addition, he presented the results of a study done by the WHO in more than 131 countries around the world.


Based on the interventions and feedback from GCMHP mental health professionals and the Programme’s factsheet issued in April, 2020, Dr Oweida presented the most common psychological challenges stemming from the pandemic situation, the effort made to address them.