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Supervision Psychodrama Meeting in Cooperation with International Medical Corp – Switzerland


GCMHP has held on November 8, 2020, an online supervision meeting in psychodrama in Cooperation with International Medical Corps – Switzerland.


The meeting, which was conducted by the International psychodrama expert: Dr Ursula Hauser and Dr Maia Hess, was attended by psychodrama specialists from GCMHP and other partner organisatsions.

Rawya Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department: Inas Juda, head of the Training and Capacity building unit also attended the meeting from GCMHP side.

The two experts gave their experience in providing professional support under the emergency situation of Covid-19.

They also reviewed the results of the previous psychodrama supervision meeting.

The meeting also included a presentation by Dr Hess about her experience in the refugee camps on the borders between Syria and Iraq, where she was dealing with different nationalities, including Arabs and Kurds.

Besides, the international experts explored the needs of the professional and personal supervision sessions and answered inquiries by Children-and-Adults psychodrama professionals.   


Among the topic discussed was also the special psychological needs of women in Gaza.

The attendees agreed at the end of the session to hold another meeting between the South American psychodrama group, Sur-Sur Without Borders on the first of November, 2020.