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“In Cooperation with NRC, GCMHP Starts Serial Training on Distant Counselling under Covid-19”

GCMHP has started on Sunday, September 27, 2020 the first training course on “Stress and Techniques of Providing Distant counselling under Covid-19”.

The training, held online, has been attended by 18 governmental school staff members, and continues for two days.

This series of training courses continues until October 6, 2020, and targets 72 school counsellors.

GCMHP Department of Training and Scientific Research will conduct a follow-up session after each training course with the purpose of  receiving the participants’ feedback on the most important points and answering their inquiries after they have practice the delivery of distant counselling.  

The training was also attended by Mr Anwar Ahmad, representing the Ministry of Education; and Neveen Al-Hams, Mohammad Al-Khawaja, Saahar Al-Haiek, Alaa Abu Hasaballah, Imad Al-Bana, Maysaa Asfour, Ihab Al-Ghandour, and Sameh Al-Bouraai, all from the NRC.

The training aims at with information and skills on the concept of stress and its impact especially under the emergency situation of Covid-19. It also provides the trainees with the most important precautionary measures that need to be followed during the pandemic situation.