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“International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”

GCMHP Launches ‘Femina’ Campaign in Support of Women’s Rights

To support women’s wellbeing and rights, Gaza Community Mental Health has started on November 25, 2020 a holistic media campaign under the general rubric ‘Femina’.

The campaign aims at orienting the whole community about women’s rights and the detrimental impact of violence against women, and the need to collectively work on changing social misconceptions which affect the psychological and physical wellbeing of women.

A host of activities are incorporated in the campaign, which targets all the social sectors and aims at ending or decreasing violence in the community as a whole, especially that which targets women.

These activities include educational awareness materials published on both the mass media and the digital media.

 The campaign also includes an online workshop entitled “Their lives under Coronavirus”, through which partner organizations working in the fields of mental health and human rights are to share their special experiences in dealing with battered women, especially under the social impact of Covid-19 situation, and in order to explore their needs and to come up with recommendations about what serves their best interest.  

Besides, a host of awareness public meetings will be held to educate the community about the issue of violence against women.

2 TV programmes on social issues related to women will be broadcast on local TV stations in addition to an awareness video about the importance of supporting women. Besides another video is being prepared about the experience of mental health professionals in dealing with battered women. A third one that shows facts and statistics about the violence cases against women will also be published.

 The activities of the campaign also include two talk shows held in cooperation with partner organisations. These will be broadcast on social media. They will open a space to discuss how coronavirus excerpted violence against women.

In addition to that educational billboards will be installed in vital areas across the Gaza Strip to bring the attention of the public to the importance of such as issue.