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“GCMHP Launches Children Psychodynamic Therapy Training in Cooperation with Maana Center”

In Cooperation with Maana Center for Psychotherapy and Counselling of Nazareth Hospital, GCMHP conducted the first online meeting in children psychodynamic therapy training. On Sunday, November 29, 2020.

The meeting was opened by Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP, and Ms Rawya Hamam, Director of GCMHP Training and Scientific Research Department.

The series of training, which includes 28 practical sessions of counselling, is to be provided by a number of professionals expert in children clinical psychology.

The training is provided in sessions held twice weekly.  

As for the theoretical part, the training provides information on the principles of psychodynamic therapy, play therapy and family counselling and nonverbal therapeutic process.

Besides, clinical cases of children who benefit from GCMHP community centers’ services will be presented.

Dr Mostafa Qasqasi, represented  Maana Center during the online session which was attended by 18 female and male specialists  working in GCMHP.

 Dr Qasqasi provided a lecture, during this session, about the principles of psychodynamic therapy.

In addition, the first practical session, run by the clinical psychologist Najlaa Asmar, director of Maana Center in Nazareth, was attended by 8 mental health specialists. During the session Ms Asmar explained the concept of play therapy and the most important psychological and developmental theories related to children’s playing.

 At the end of the meeting the participants agreed on the method of presenting the clinical cases in the coming sessions.