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“GCMHP and PHR Hold 2 Days of Professional Training and Free Medical Days”


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has carried out on Wednesday, March 4, 2021 a set of psychosocial activities that included free medical days and training sessions in mental health.


The activities were implemented in cooperation between GCMHP and the Mental Health General Administration of the Ministry of Health, through Project ‘Unblocking the Future’ which is run by Physicians for Human Rights and funded by the European Union.


A group of physicians from Physicians for Human Rights arrived in the Gaza Strip, where provided their services.


In different community based organizations across the Gaza Strip, the activities were implemented. In Jabalia Refugee Camp, in the north, 2 free medical days were held in Women’s Health Centre of the Red Crescent Society of the Gaza Strip. In Al-Bureij Camp, in the middle of the Gaza Strip, another 2 free medical days were conducted. Around 300 women and children benefited from these days, through receiving medical assistance in gynecology, family medicine, internal medicine and endocrinology.   


Besides, 3 training workshops were  provided for 70 professioanls working in the Ministry of Health and Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. The training included   ‘Trauma Incident Reduction’; Wechsler Test; and Woodcock–Johnson Test.  


During the activity days, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, GCMHP General Director, and Dr Salah Al-Haj Yehia, head of the medical team, and Mr Qusai Abu Odei, GCMHP Director of External Relations and Fund Raising Department closely followed the work process through field visits to the places where the activities took place.