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“AL-Azhar Uni Discusses Ways of Cooperation with GCMHP”

Seeking professional expertise in capacity building and mental health services provision, Dr Ramadan Barakeh, visited on Tuesday, January 26, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme as a representative for Al-Azhar University.

Dr Ramadan’s visit aimed at laying down the guidelines for establishing cooperation between his university and GCMHP in capacity building, awareness raising as well as psychotherapy and consultation.

During the visit, he met with Mr Qusai Abu Odei, Director of External Relations and Resource Development Department; Ms Rawya Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Research Department; and Ms Inas Judeh, Head of Training Unit, each of whom explained the work dynamics and services  provided by their departments and how these services are correlated with Gaza context and the challenges that the people experience on a daily basis.

On his part, Dr Ramadam offered his suggestions for the cooperation mechanisms based on what serves the youths’ needs and alleviate their sufferings.

At the end of the meeting the two sides agreed on formulating a proposal of the activities in which they can cooperate and decided to have a set of follow-up meetings.