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“GCMHP Provides Stress-and-Self-Care Training in Cooperation with WATC”

GCMHP Training and Scientific Research Department has conducted on Sunday, May 30, 2021 a training session on ‘stress and self-care’, with the participation of 23 staff members from the Women Affairs Technical Committee.  

The training was organized with the purpose of supporting the psychological wellbeing of the staff members through providing them with skills and knowledge on how to deal with professional burnout and life stress as well as skills on self-care based on Mind-Body techniques.

The training is to last for 3 days in a row, with a total of 15 hours.

During the opening session Mr Nahed Khalaf, Organizer at WFTC, welcomed the participants, talked about the value of the training and  importance of the collaboration and networking with GCMHP. Mental health specialist Ayda Kassab, took the floor then and stated the sessions with a brief introduction and a warm-up activity.