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“‘Self-Care and Stress Management’ Training in Cooperation with HR Department of Legislative Council”


GCMHP has provided ‘self-care and stress management’ training sessions on June 13, 2021 for 14 employees from the Human Resources Department if the Palestinian Legislative Council.  

The training sessions aimed at equipping the participants with skills and knowledge about the concept of professional burn-out, the different psychological stressors and their impact and how to manage stress and practice self-care.

The opening session was introduced by GCMHP director of training and scientific research department, Ms Rawya Hamam, who explained to the participants the purpose and the value of the training. Mr Abdullah Abu Luli, head of human resources department at the Legislative Council also addressed the participants about the need of mastering the skills and techniques of self-care and stress management in order to face the mounting professional and every day pressures.  

Ms Inas Juda, head of training unit at GCMHP has, on her part, introduced the topics of the training and provided the participants with general definitions of these tropics.

The sessions, which were held in GCMHP HQ main venue,  consisted of 10 training hours and were delivered over 2 days in a row.