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“In Partnership with WCH, GCMHP Conducts Supervision sessions for Psychosocial Workers”

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As part of Project ‘Acute Crisis Joint Response in the Gaza Strip’, which is being implemented by War Child Holland in cooperation with Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, staff members from Culture and Free Thought Society have had their first supervision sessions on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

The project targets those who work in psychosocial support to beneficiaries within the project.

The sessions are provided by Dr Sami Oweida, a GCMHP senior specialist, for 11 professionals, with the aim of creating a supportive and organized environment for them so as they can reflect on the content and process of the work they do. In addition they aim at relieving the stress they face in their professional and personal lives.

The participants displayed good interaction during these sessions and had discussions on different issues they face at work and in their daily lives, expressing their satisfaction with these sessions which they said had alleviated the stress they experienced during dealing with crisis situations.

The 6-month  project is funded by  the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) and is implemented by War Child Holland in partnership with GCMHP.