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“Third Group of Stress Management Training Course Finalized”

In partnership with the Ramallah-based Filastiniyat Organization, which is specialized in providing a variety of services for journalists in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has conducted on Wednesday,  15 September, 2021 the third group of the self-care and stress management programme, which targets 160 female and male journalists.

The training has a set of goals, among the highlights of which is equipping the participants with knowledge and information on self-awareness, and the different physical and emotional responses to stress which they experience as a result of the stressful environment of their work.

The 160 media people have been divided into 10 groups, each one of which is to receive two training days.

The training has provided the participants with a safe environment, where they could externalize their feelings and share their experiences with each other, giving them a unique opportunity to learn new skills in dealing with stressful situations.  

The programme, which started on the first of September, 2021, is scheduled to be concluded by the end of October, 2021.