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“Palestinian Solidarity Association of Sweden Visits GCMHP to Follow Up Mutual Projects”

A delegation from the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden has arrived in the Gaza Strip for a 3-day visit to follow up the project that it jointly  implements with Gaza Community Mental Health Programme as well as some projects implemented by GCMHP partner organisations.

During their trip, the delegation visited GCMHP Gaza Community Center and mobile clinics which are based in CBOs across the Gaza Strip, where they  were briefed on the work systems, the referral methods, beneficiaries’ accessibility and the services that are provided to them based on their categories and cases.

In the mobile clinic, the specialists also provided the delegation with statistics on the cases they have received over the past year and a half,  and the most common problems and challenges among these cases, explaining that most of them suffered from PTSD as a result of experiencing violent events.

“This mobile clinic treated 227 cases whose conditions ranged from mild to severe.  The sever cases were referred  to GCMHP community centre from more specialized intervention.  We have also intervened with 13 suicidal-attempt cases, half of whom were children.  Most of the cases that we have been treating are affected by acts of military aggression,” said a GCMHP specialist at Jabalia mobile clinic.

The delegation met with success stories of cases that had been affected by traumatic experiences in the Gaza Strip. These cases were people who GCMHP treated for severe psychological disorders that they had developed as a result of losing their sight or their limbs.