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“Visually Impaired Graduates Association Visits GCMHP for Planning Service Provision Cooperation”


A delegation from the Association of Visually Impaired Graduates visited GCMHP on Sunday, June 19, 2022 to plan cooperation in mental health service provision.

The delegation included Mr Adnan Abu Nasser, Secretary of the Association’s Board of Directors, Ms Rowaida Al-Daya, member of the Association’s Board of Directors, as well as Dr Hassan Abu Mansour, Rehabilitation and Disability Affairs Consultant And the Acting Director of Programmes in the Association.

The Visually Impaired Graduates Association, established in 1996, is concerned with the issues and rights of persons with visual impairments, especially graduates, academics and professionals, and works through its 3000 visually impaired members to support this category professionally and academically.

It was agreed in the meeting that it was necessary to study and identify the psychological and social needs of this group and work to meet them through appropriate and consistent and effective activities while strengthening coordination and networking between the two organizations in order to enhance the availability of psychological services as well as enhance access to them.