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“GCMHP Provides PFA and Self-Care Training In Cooperation With European Hospital”

GCMHP has finalized on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 a training course on Psychological First Aid and Stress Mangamnmet in cooperation Gaza European Hospital, targeting 18 staff members with different medical specializations.

The conclusion ceremony was attended by Mr Abdelhameed Muhareb, GCMHP mental health specialist; Dr Yousef Al-Aqad, the hospital director; Dr Wisam Qeshta, Head of Mental Health Department at the Hospital as well as other staff members representing different departments.

The training course aimed at providing the participants with knowledge on the psychological trauma, the mechanisms of PFA provision as well as providing them with self-care and the stress management skills.

The course also included other important topics, among which were the application of self-care through using mind-body techniques.

Besides the participants had the opportunity to practise the techniques the learned during the course.