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“Palestinian Family Support Society Visits GCMHP to Plan Cooperation”

A delegation from the Palestinian Family Support Society has visited on Tuesday, Nobvember 1, 2022 Gaza Commuinty Mental Health Programme with the aim of discussing plans for future cooperation in mental health services provision.

Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General, and Mr. Qusay Abu Odeh, Director of Foreign Relations and Resources Development Department, met with the delegation who came with a cooperation proposal in the field of training, referrals and other mental health related services.

The meeting resulted in building an image of the type of cooperation that can be organized between the two organizations and how such cooperation can be translated practically to support the community.

At the end of the meeting the delegation said thank you to GCMHP for supporting the CBOs which reach out to the grassroots, while  Dr Abu Jamei, on his part, expressed his appreciation for PFSS’s initiative, stressing the importance of cooperation with CBOs in order to reach the widest  sector of the Palestinian community.