Promo of a workshop titled ‘The Psychological Effects of the Current Economic Situation on Palestinian Women in Gaza    2:33

Promo of the Award Ceremony for the Short Film Competition and the Event for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women   2:29

A short film ‘Buried Dream’, First Winner of the 2018 Short Film Competition  2:24

A Short Film,’The Scar’, Second place winner of the 2018 Short Film Competition  2:47

A Short Film, ‘My Story, Third Place Winner of the 2018 Short Film Competition  3:06

A documentary film on Violence 11:42

A documentary film on GCMHP crisis Intervention 11:38

A documentary film on Trauma 13:20

Dr Eyad Sarraj Film 12:41

Documentary about GCMHP 13:01

From Gaza, with love 05:14

Kefah Shahwan: Cancer Patient


Fawzan Ahmad Saleh: Owner of a sewing factory


Mahmoud Al-Assy: A Fisherman


Mohammed Faraj AbedRabbuh 3:05