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“GCMHP organizes a Public Meeting entitled “Violence and its Psychological Impact on Children””

Within the activities of “Sports for Smiles” project which is funded by the German Development Agency (GIZ), Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP) recently organized a public meeting entitled “Violence and its Psychological Impact on Children”.  “Sports for Smiles” project aims at providing psychological support for children through the sports activities.

The meeting targeted the parents of children who benefited from the project along with the sports coaches in Biet Hanoun Club in the North of the Gaza Strip where the meeting was held.

The meeting was facilitated by Mr. Hasan Zeyada, a Psychologist at GCMHP, who presented about the negative consequences of the use of violence with the children even if intended to use to correct their unacceptable behavior. Mr. Zeyada indicted to the serious effects of violence affecting the psychological and behavioral aspects of children, which may develop to become behavioral disorders. Mr. Zeyada referred to the alternatives required in parenting instead of the use of violence in dealing with children.

The meeting included an open and active discussion among the participants and the psychologist, Mr. Zeyada. The participants also thanks the GCMHP’s and GIZ’s valued efforts in serving the Palestinian community through the implementation of this project and other activities.