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“GCMHP Initiates the First Term of Higher MH Diploma Program for Cohort 2022 in Cooperation with IUG”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, in partnership with the College of Education at the Islamic University, has opened the initiated the first term of the 2r4th cohort of the Higher Mental Health Diploma, enrolled in which 15 male and female students from different disciplines,  namely medicine, psychology, nursing, social images, and physical therapy.

The inauguration ceremony of the term was attended by both Dr Basil Al-Khodari, Head of the Psychological Counselling Department at the Islamic University, and  Mr. Rawya Hamam, Director of Training and Scientific Reseach Department.

The event was also attended by Dr. Muhammad Al-Zeer, Head of the Academic and Professional Programs, who provided the students with a general background about the program as well as some academic arrangements during the term.

The courses of the diploma programme are delivered by a group of academics and specialized MH professionals from GCMH and the Islamic University as well as university professors from international universities.

These courses include child development, counselling theories, community mental health, and social psychology.

The Higher Community Mental Health Diploma aims at qualifying those enrolled in it to obtain qualifications in community mental health to prepare them to be ingaged in serving the increasing mental health need of the Palestinian community.

The programme includes theoretical and practical aspects that are applicable to the context and helps analyzing the social and political factors of mental health and human rights in Palestine. It also aims at  creating a generation of qualified professionals with scientific and practical experience able to effectively intervene in community psychological centers, private and public hospitals, primary care centers, schools and kindergartens so as to enable individuals in the community to solve their social and psychological problems, using the available resources.