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“Graduation Ceremony of High Mental Health Diploma – Cohorts 2018/2021”

GCMHP has celebrated on Thursday, October 27, 2022 the graduation of 4 High Mental Health Diploma Cohorts (2018/2021) in cooperation with the Islamic University which is a partner in the academic programme.

The 4 cohorts included 68 graduates who completed their certificates on different periods from 2018 to 2021, and immediately pursued their careers as mental health professionals at GCMHP and  other community organizations.

The ceremony was attended by the educational panel of GCMHP and the IUG and representatives from GCMHP’s consortium of donors as well as the families of the graduates.

At the begging of the ceremony, Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General, delivered a speech in which he presented the achievements and contribution made to the community by the mental health graduates and what impact they have left, expressing his organization’s gratitude  for Late founder Dr Eyad El-Sarraj, who initiated the MH Diploma Programme to fill the gap in the availability of mental health professionals. He also thanked the consortium of donors for supporting this programme and maintaining its sustainability.

The celebration also included a speech by Dr Ibrahim Al-Astal, Dean Of Education Collage at the IUG, and Ms Rawya Hamam, Head of the Training and Scientific Research at GVCMHP,  who addressed the graduates and reiterated the importance of the role they play in the community.

In a recorded message to the festive audience, Psychology Professor, Ashraf Kaji from Stellenbosch University, in South Africa, who has been providing CBT training and other academic modules to the students over many years, shared his experience with the students and highlighting how the passion and dedication he saw from the students continued after their graduation to be interpreted into their professional lives.

The celebration was concluded by delivering the certificates from the students and plaques of appreciation to the educational teams from GCMHP and the IUG.