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“Integrating Mental Health Services in Early Childhood; Project ‘Supportive Environment for Better Future’”

 Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has convened on Thursday, November 2, 2022 a preparatory meeting with representatives  from  10 partner organizations and kindergartens , with the aim of launching Project ‘Supportive Environment for Better Future’, which is funded by We-Trust.

The meeting was attended by Mr Qusai Abu Odei, Director of External Relations and Resource Development Department; Ms Aisha Al-Basyouni, Head of Projects Unit; Ms Huda Abu-Shamalah, Project Coordinator.

The project's objectives and expected outputs, as well as the scope of intervention with the organizations at several levels, in addition to supervision services, psychological support and therapeutic interventions were discussed at the meeting.

‘Supportive Environment for Better Future’ project has been designed  to contribute to improving the mental health situation of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip and creating a more peaceful and open community.  The interventions are planned to be made at the 10 kindergartens –  affiliated with these CBOs –  located across the Gaza Strip (3 in North Gaza governorate, 3 in Gaza governorate, 2 in the Middle Area Governorate, and 2 in Rafah Governorate).