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“A delegation From the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) visited Gaza Community Mental Healh Programme”

A delegation From the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) visited Gaza Community Mental Healh Programme

A delegation From the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) visited Gaza Community Mental Healh Programme. The delegation consisted of Mr. Jean-François Cuenod, Deputy Head of South Cooperation Department, DC, and a number of representatives from SDC office including Mr. Mattia Poretti, Ms. Hana, and Mr. Hussam Mannaa. The delegation met with a number of GCMHP staff including Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of GCMHP, Mr. Yousef Ghazali, Mrs. Rawya Hamam and Mrs. Alaa Hammouda. The meeting aimed at acquainting the delegation with the services provided by GCMHP. It was held at Gaza Community Center.


Dr. Abu Jamei welcomed SDC delegates thanking them for their visit, and for their continuous support for GCMHP.  He spoke about the establishment of GCMHP by the late Dr. Eyad El. Sarraj who believed that the Palestinian community is in need for community mental health centers; which can provide an integrated service in response to the Palestinian community’s suffering, especially  women and children.


Moreover, Dr. Abu Jamei stressed on the importance of the partnership with SDC in providing psychological services during crisis and in improving the mental health situation in Gaza in general; in addition to strengthening the organizational capacities of GCMHP during the last period. Dr. Abu Jamei also highlighted the mutual cooperation between GCMHP and a number of international institutions in addition to the cooperation with local non-governmental organizations in providing mental health services to the community, especially children. This cooperation includes conducting numerous training courses and workshops to build the capacity of professionals in the mental health field, to reach and influence the community in a very effective manner.

Furthermore, Mr.  Ghazali thanked SDC for their continuous support for the Programme throughout the past twenty years; which had a great impact on its development, the continuation of its work to achieve its goal and to serve the people in the Gaza Strip.  He stressed on the need to continue this support due to the increasing psychological problems as a result of the hard economic and political conditions people in the Gaza Strip are experiencing.
The delegation  was accompanied by GCMHP staff for a tour at Gaza Community Center to provide them with information about its departments and the clinical services they provide. The delegates met with the clinical team at the center, where they raised some questions regarding the services provided and the Programmes’ different activities. They also inquired about how can GCMHP meet the increasing needs of the Palestinian community during the hard living conditions they are experiencing.


At the end of the meeting the delegation thanked GCMHP for their great efforts , their professionalism and for the services they provide to help the Palestinian community. They expressed their positive feedback regarding this visit; stressing that the services provided by GCMHP are very fundamental and continuous mutual cooperation between SDC and GCMHP is very necessary.