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“GCMHP finalized the acceptance admission process for the Higher Diploma in Community Mental Health applicants”

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme  finalized the acceptance admission process for the Higher Diploma in Community Mental Health applicants


The Training and Scientific Research Department of GCMHP in cooperation with the Islamic University of Gaza finalized the acceptance admission process for applicants who will study in the Higher Diploma for Community Mental Health for the years 2018- 2019.


The interviews were supervised by, Dr. Taysir Diab, Deputy Director for Professional Affairs, Ms. Rawya Hamam, Head of the Training & Research Department, Dr. Zeyad  Awad,  Director of Academic and Professional Programs Unit at GCMHP, and from the Islamic University in Gaza Dr. Samir Quota, Dr. Atef Agha Dr. Kitham Sahar, Dr. Nabil Dukhan, and Dr.Basil El- Khoudary.


Moreover, thirty five  applicants passed the English Admission Exam, and were interviewed by a team from GCMHP and IUG. The applicants are specialized in the following majors: Medicine, Psychological counseling, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, and Nursing.


It is worth mentioning that the Higher Diploma for Community Mental Health is a program implemented for two years: the first is a theoretical year while the second is a practical one. It is conducted in co-operation with the Training & Research Department of GCMHP and IUG. The program aims to qualify the students to get a high degree in the mental health and human rights field. Moreover, the students will gain realistic and practical experience in this field. Further, they will gain intensive practical training, where they can apply what they have gained from the experience.

The higher diploma also aims to create a generation of qualified professionals of scientific and practical experience in the community mental health field.