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“Gaza Community Mental Health Programme finalized a training entitled “Psychological Stress Management and Self Care””

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme finalized a training entitled “Psychological Stress Management and Self Care”



Recently, the Training and Scientific Research Department at GCMHP finalized a training entitled Psychological Stress Management and Self Care”. The training is conducted in cooperation with the Palestinian Early Childhood Education Programs Association (PECEP)and is funded by QSN.  The trainees were 26 kindergarten’s teachers working at PECEP. The training course was conducted by a number of specialists working at GCMHP and took place at Gaza Community Center.


Moreover, the twenty hour training, which lasted for five days; is considered the first of its kind for the kindergarten teachers. Where in the past years the training they received focused on two major topics psychological trauma, and pressure.  During this training, the trainees were introduced to the three stages of psychological pressure, and the impact of each stage on the individuals. In addition to the different psychological pressures facing the kindergarten teachers, and acquainting them with the self-care skills using mind and body techniques.

The training included various practical sessions and exercises including: coping mechanism, solving problems in creative ways using balloons, self -motivation, drawing, musical ladder, safe place, clay, family three, body scanning and socio metric exercise.  Those exercises aimed at alleviating the psychological pressure and the negative energy of the trainees.

On the last day of the training, the trainers thanked the participants for their commitment and active participation, wishing to apply the training they received in their work.

In their turn, the trainees thanked GCMHP for conducting this training and they requested more training in this field.