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“GCMHP organizes a Farewell Meeting for the American Medical Delegation from Physicians for Social Responsibility”


Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has recently organized a meeting to mark the end of the visit of the delegation headed by Gerri Haynes and six other specialized doctors in fields like orthopedics, cardiology, psychiatry, autism, and yoga. The meeting was attended by Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Director General of the Programme and Mr. Issa Al Nahhal, Treasurer of the board of directors of the programme as well as a number of members of the board of directors and a number of the heads of departments and staff members of the programme. It was also attended by a number of representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations in the Gaza Strip. This meeting marked the end of a week-long visit and was set up to express gratitude to the members of the delegation for what they have offered to the Palestinian community during their visit.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Abu Jamei welcomed the visiting delegation and thanked them for  the medical and humanitarian services they have provided over the  years to the Gaza Strip. He also thanked them for their great services to the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme. Dr. Abu Jamei also emphasized that the Gaza Strip has become a disaster zone because of the siege and military conflicts that it has been going through for twelve years.

Mr. Al Nahhal thanked the delegation for their visit and their continuous support for the Palestinian people and the GCMHP. He mentioned that the delegation lived through the state of fear that people in Gaza go through on a continuous basis as a result of the bombings that took place during their visit. He hoped the delegation would retell this picture about what the Palestinian People go through.

Ms. Gerri, the leader of the delegation, talked about her love for the Palestinian people and its courage for withstanding the current situation. She expressed gratitude to the GCMHP and to the Palestinian people for their generosity and hospitality. She also thanked the administrative and professional staff of the programme for making the delegation’s journey. The members of the delegation also talked about their individual experiences during their visit and expressed thanks to the programme.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Abu Jamei and Mr. Al Nahhal presented symbolic gifts of appreciation to the delegation.

During this visit, the delegation provided a number of services in the aforementioned fields and conducted a number of surgeries at the Shifa Hospital. They also provided a number of medical consultations and trainings for medical students and students of the high diploma in Mental Health as well as for nurses and doctors in different universities and hospitals.

The delegation also visited the community centers of the programme and a number of hospitals and medical organizations in the Gaza Strip as well as a number of NGOs that are concerned with the health of women, children, and youth. The visits also included some centers for cancer, cerebral palsy, and autism patients.

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