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“GCMHP holds Two Public Meetings for Students of the University of Palestine”


As part of the French- funded project: ‘Enhancing Protection Through Provision of Specialised Mental Health Services and Raising Awareness to the Victims of Human Rights Violations (VHRV) of children and Youth living in Gaza Strip,’ GCMHP held two meetings with the title ‘Mental Health Problems of Young People’ at the University of Palestine. 83 male and female students from diploma and BA programmes participated in these meetings. Ms. Asma Naim, Project Coordinator, Dr. Imad Abed, Psychiatrist, and Ms. Khitam Abu Shawareb, Social Worker at GCMHP, as well as representatives of the Dean of Students Affairs and Public Relations at the University of Palestine attended these meetings in the Khawarizmi Building of the university campus in Alzahraa City.

Dr. Abed and Ms. Abu Shawareb discussed a number of community mental health issues but most importantly those pertaining to young people such as internet addiction, cyber-bullying, and violence. They also presented and discussed ways to deal with them.

These meetings are part of a series that the programme is holding as part of the French project that targets university students in order to enhance the mental health of young victims of Human Rights violations. This is done through strengthening the mental protection of children and raising the awareness of young people around issues of mental health and the protection of it.

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